Wrath of the Lich King Revision

Ever wondered what it was like to play and experience World of Warcraft during the times of the Burning Crusade or the Wrath of the Lich King eras?
Well, Now you can... and you can play for absolutely free.

Classic Realms does not charge for any service and we don't have any form of server "voting" or "buying".
You simply earn prizes and rewards for free, just through basic achievements, special quests and events, loyalty, longevity, and helping the community.
Each player will get personal vendors where they can customize the look of their weapons through the achievement shop system called Transmorgrification. Players can transmog legendary, heirlooms, just about anything matching their current armor.
Classic Realms aims to provide a clean, fun, stable, and safe environment solely for the purpose of enjoyment, educational purposes in the game, or keep our online fans happy through the older expansions.
Come and experience the world before the cataclysmic events that changed the world forever. Whether this is your first time experience or just want to refresh some history with the old world.

Classic Realms servers run only a few changes to improve the player experience. We run special cross server battlegrounds, world events and world bosses.

The Classic Realm private servers were created by a small group of die hard World of Warcraft enthusiasts, devoting their 16 years of knowledge in programming, database, and web skills to bring the classic versions of World of Warcraft back to life.
Now we want to offer the same fun and experience to the free world for pure enjoyment, education, or to just simply slip back in time and re-live the feeling all over again.

The Classic Realms Admin team runs the free services 24/7 with routine maintenance and backup at the scheduled times, purely for the players enjoyment and passion of well... just playing old revisions of World of Warcraft.
What better way to make new online friends, or to just experience the world, battlegrounds, and instances of how it used to be.

The Classic Realm developers - program on their spare time, maintain the online armory, forums, live news and updated feeds.
The private servers are maintained and up to date as with the core source that we are continually striving to improve and secure for our fans.

Get started playing now, just create an account and continue to downloads if you have or don't have World of Warcraft (Wrath of the Lich King).

We ask that you simply provide honest information such as your email and name so you can get started playing and our administration team can better serve your account and game play experience.
Remember everything is absolutely free, just a few rules to follow and most of all, have fun!